Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Motorcyclist dies in I-275 crash Wheel Comes Flying Off Utilty Trailer

Please Note:

No inspections on these types of trailers.
Very Little maintenance is given to these types of trailers.
These Trailers are EXPOSED 24/7 to the elements.3

Why did the wheel come flying off? Was the manufacturer at fault? Was the owner of the trailer at fault for not maintaining the trailer?

Who sold him the trailer?
Please go here to view an example.

Motorcyclist dies in I-275 crash


A 53-year-old man was killed in a crash Sunday night after his motorcycle hit a tire that came loose from a nearby trailer in Romulus, police said.

The motorcyclist was riding in the center northbound lane of I-275 approaching the Huron River Drive overpass when the left wheel of a trailer hauled by a pickup came off and struck the bike, according to Romulus Police.

The rider lost control, hit a wall and went over the overpass, hitting a cement embankment, police said this morning.

Police were not releasing the identity of the motorcyclist pending notification of relatives.

Alcohol was not believed to have been a factor, police said.

Police said they were continuing to investigate the crash, and additional information wasn’t immediately available.


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Jack said...

I just want to put an update for this post, as the man who was killed in this motorcycle accident was my father. The man who was carrying the trailer when the tire flew off, was carrying an overweight rusted trailer, and failed to make sure the lug nuts were on tight enough. He shouldn't have been driving it on any road much less the freeway going 75 mph!!!! He was never punished, and was not even given a traffic ticket.

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