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Pellston family survives double crash on I-75

The Friend family of Pellston survived a double accident on I-75 Sunday, Jan. 17, when their 2000 Pontiac mini van (pictured here) struck an elk head on and was hit in the rear by a truck and snowmobile trailer that lost control after hitting the dead elk in the roadway just moments later. Photo: COURTESY PHOTO

Posted: Tuesday, January 19, 2010, 10:20 am
By Christina Rohn News-Review Staff Writer

A Pellston family says it’s a miracle they were not killed in a double accident involving an elk on Sunday.

Around 7:20 a.m. on Jan. 17, Bill Friend said he was driving his 2000 Pontiac Montana mini van south on I-75 to a volleyball tournament in Midland with his wife, Suzie, son, Will, daughter, Tayler and his daughter’s friend, Abby Bodzick, when the unthinkable happened.

As the family neared the Wolverine exit ramp, Bill said it was still dark out and his headlights illuminated a herd of seven elk crossing the interstate.

“There were three of them in my lane, three in the fast lane and one on the side of the road,” he said. “At that point, I really couldn’t do anything — I just hit my brakes and braced myself.”

Bill said he hit one elk broadside, which shattered the van’s windshield as it was thrown over the roof.

“The impact of hitting the elk was just tremendous — it was like hitting a wall,” he said. “Luckily we were all wearing seatbelts.”

At this point, Bill said he pulled the van to the side of I-75 and proceeded to call 9-1-1.

Suzie said she, Bill and Will exited the vehicle shortly thereafter.

“We couldn’t believe we survived,” she said. “We were outside the van thanking God.”

The family wasn’t prepared for what would happen next.

Justin Hampton of Warren was traveling south on I-75 in his Ford Ranger, pulling an aluminum double-place snowmobile trailer with an Arctic Cat secured on it, when, without warning, he hit the dead elk that the Friend family had hit just moments before.

According to the Cheboygan County Sheriff Department, which responded to the accident scene, Hampton’s impact with the dead animal sent his vehicle airborne.

Suzie said she knew the truck was about to hit the van.

Terrified, she said she reached her arm into the van, attempting to pull her daughter Tayler and Tayler’s friend Abby out of the back seat, but this was to no avail.

“I was trying to get the kids out, saying, ‘hurry, hurry, get out!’” Suzie said. “It just went so fast, but in slow motion.”

The truck struck the rear of the mini van while still airborne, landed on its side, slid a short distance, and flipped again before catching the rumble strips on its roof.

In addition to this impact, Hampton’s snowmobile trailer and snowmobile detached from his vehicle and hit the rear of the Friend’s van.

“All I saw was headlights flying up and heading toward us ... it was like one of those Final Destination movies,” Bill said. “The truck actually hit the van and shoved it down the road 30-40 feet.

“It happened so quick; so suddenly — we thought (the girls) were dead.”

Bill said he and his wife sprinted toward the wreckage.

“We immediately just ran down there — it was horrifying,” he said. “My daughter got out and just collapsed ... I picked her up and we went down into the ravine.”

The family called 9-1-1 for a second time, and around this time, Bill said the driver of the truck (Hampton) was able to climb out of his overturned vehicle.

“He was walking around disoriented,” Bill said. “(Suzie) was yelling at him to get out of the road.”

Rescue workers arrived on the scene shortly thereafter and the Friend family, as well as Abby were taken to Northern Michigan Regional Hospital, where everyone but Tayler was treated and released.

According to Bill, his daughter remains at the hospital for internal bruising.

Hampton received minor injuries in the accident, but sought his own treatment.

Bill said things could have been a lot worse.

“We’re people of faith, and this just reinforces that,” he said.

“God is great and he was with us that day,” Suzie said. “There’s no explanation why anyone walked away from this.”

Suzie said she believes something needs to be done about the elk population in the Wolverine area.

“This is the year 2010, and they can’t figure out how to keep them off the highway,” she said. “How about motion lights or an electric fence?”

Christina Rohn

439-9398 -

Ludington Business Owner Injured In Accident

Ludington Business Owner Injured In Accident
posted by: Alan Neushwander on Wed. Jan. 20 2010
A local business owner was seriously injured during an accident Monday afternoon in Mason County. Undersheriff Tom Trenner says Pat Patterson suffered extensive injuries after a utility trailer hauling a quad broke loose from a pickup truck and struck his mini van on Amber Road, north of US-10, at about 3pm Monday. Patterson was taken to a hospital in Grand Rapids with serious injuries. He’s the owner of Hungry Howie’s Pizza in Ludington. The driver of the pickup truck, 38-year-old Rick Ruba, was ticketed for not having the trailer properly secured.

Halestorm endures hazards of the road Loose Trailer

December 17, 4:41 PMBoise Music ExaminerRustyn Rose

One side of rock and roll that most fans don't see or think about is how much time bands spend driving from location to location. Newer bands don't have a fancy tour bus. Most drive vans or RVs, pulling trailers, and living in cramped quarters. They do all of this to bring the music to the fans.

At this time of year touring can be especially fretful and dangerous because of weather conditions. This morning, Pennsylvania based rockers Halestorm endured a slight bump in the road. While on their way to their shows in Mississippi, their equipment trailer came loose of their RV. Vocalist/guitarist Lzzy Hale twittered;

Our gear trailer came loose this morning, separated from Bouncin' Betty, across the highway and tipped on its side in the medium. No one was hurt. Miraculously, all the gear seems ok.

It is always inspiring to see the bands who care as much about their fans, as the fans do about the music. Lesser bands might call the show off, but the Halestorm gang would never give less than 110% for their fans. Give them two tin cans and a tennis racket and they'll McGyver through.

Either way we were gonna have a show, worst case, maybe all acoustic or borrowing one of the opening bands equipment. But we are on our way!

Fortunately, the band made it safely to the club (The Fire) in Jackson, Mississippi, where the show will go on. Drummer Arejay Hale twittered upon arrival, "Thank you rock tour gods! We made it to The Fire in Jackson! Can't wait rock out Mississippi!!"

That's devoation that too few bands seem to have these days, and one of the reasons the group has such a loyal following. If you haven't checked them out yet, you can read more about Halestorm here.

If you enjoyed this article, please check out these articles on other rock classics, Them Crooked Vultures, Nickelback, Shinedown, and Daughtry.

For the latest in Rock Music news, simply click the "Subscribe" button or "RSS" Feed button on the top of the page. Notifications of all the latest news will be delivered to your inbox.

Overturned Camper Kills 1

Overturned Camper Kills 1

A camper overturned on southbound Interstate 435 at Raytown Road, killing one person, Missouri Highway Patrol officials said.The camper was pulling a trailer at the time of the accident, which occurred around 9:25 a.m..

Runaway Boat Trailer Causes Collision

Used With Permission Please go to This Web Address to View More Pictures From Accident:

Runaway Boat Trailer Causes Collision

OWINGS - 11/16/2009

Printer friendly

By Dennis Hook

At approximately 8 p.m., on Sunday, Nov. 15, the Huntingtown Volunteer Fire Department and Rescue Squad first received a call for a house fire in the area of Lower Marlboro and Huntingtown Road.

Shortly after that call, an ambulance was dispatched for a medical emergency nearby. Approximately five minutes after that call, there was a third call for an auto accident at Route 2 and Pushaw Station Road.

Upon arrival on the accident scene, it was discovered the accident involved a boat and Honda pickup truck. The boat trailer broke away from the vehicle towing the boat. The boat entered the pathway of the oncoming Honda pickup resulting in a collision.

One person from the Honda pickup was transported to Calvert Memorial Hospital. No word on the condition of the patient at this time.

The police are still investigating how the trailer hauling the boat separated from the truck; the hitch was still attached to the truck.

News Feedback NOTE: Views expressed below do not reflect the views or opinions of The Bay Net, Bay Media Services, Inc. or the employees of Bay Media Services, Inc.

Serious crash on QEII Towing Trailer

Updated: Sat Jan. 23 2010 16:19:51

Two people are fighting for their lives after a serious crash near Olds.

It happened on the QEII near the Highway 27 (Olds) overpass around 12:15 p.m. Saturday.

Innisfail RCMP say a Ford F350 pulling a horse trailer was traveling northbound when the driver lost control of the truck and crossed over into southbound traffic.

A southbound 1999 Ford Taurus was struck by the Ford F350, causing extensive damage to both vehicles.

Both vehicles came to rest in the southbound lanes of the highway.

The 56-year-old male driver and lone occupant of the Ford F350 was not wearing his seatbelt.

He was thrown from his vehicle and suffered serious life threatening injuries.

A horse, which was in the trailer, was not injured and was transported from the scene by a family friend of the injured driver.

The 19-year-old male driver of the Taurus was wearing his seatbelt.

He was trapped in the vehicle and had to be rescued using the Jaws of Life.

He suffered serious non life threatening injuries.

The 22-year-old male passenger in the front seat of the Taurus was also wearing a seatbelt.

He has a broken wrist.

The 21-year-old female passenger in the back seat of the Taurus was not wearing a seatbelt.

She is in serious life threatening condition.

RCMP say alcohol was not a factor in this collision.

Road conditions were poor with icy sections and blowing snow.

RCMP continue to investigate.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wreck on 95 Utility Trailer Accident

January 21st, 2010, 09:58 PM #1
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Default Wreck on 95

Just an FYI to anyone traveling north on I-95. I passed an accident about 20 minutes ago that had apparently just happened minutes before. It looked like a pickup truck wih a large utility trailer had jacknifed and has both lanes blocked. People were running past the truck, so I do not know if another vehicle was involved or not. This is just past the US1 entrance and before the rest area. Traffic was already backing up as I drove past. Wet roads. Please be careful if you have to be out tonight.


Thank you for the info. We are in for the night. I hope all is well , prayers for all involved
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Fatal car accident south of Forest Grove closes highway

Fatal car accident south of Forest Grove closes highway

On Friday morning January 22 at approximately 7:00 am Forest Grove Fire & Rescue responded to a multi-car crash on SW Highway 47 near the B Street intersection, approximately 2 miles south of the city of Forest Grove. When firefighters arrived they found a total of four (4) cars involved and nine (9) victims, including one fatality. Crews triaged the scene and discovered that initially the accident involved a pickup towing a recreational trailer and a small sedan in a t-bone type of impact. Those witnesses stated that the deceased man was initially not involved and had stopped to render aid when he was struck by another vehicle and killed. The small sedan that was originally involved had significant damage to the passenger side of the vehicle and the recreational trailer was also destroyed by the force of the impact.

Fire crews from Forest Grove (12), Cornelius (8), and Gaston (4) responded to the crash, as well as four (4) Metro West ambulances, and one (1) Life Flight Helicopter. Five (5) patients were transported to the Trauma Center at Oregon Health Sciences University in Portland with serious injuries. Fire crews were on scene for over an hour treating the injured victims and the busy highway between Yamhill and Washington Counties remains closed at this time.

This type of accident where a good Samaritan bystander was struck by another vehicle is the reason why fire crews will block roadways with emergency vehicles while working car crash scenes. Please use caution when approaching intersections and if you are coming into an accident scene slow down, stop, and wait till you are told to pass through, even if firefighters or police officers have not yet arrived. It is also important to stay in your vehicle until you are sure that the roadway is controlled and safe, especially in dark and rainy conditions like we had this morning.

Camper trailer flips on I-69, no injuries

A truck sits propped up by the back of the travel trailer Friday, Jan. 22 in the median of I-69 in Kimball Township near the Pine River. A St. Clair deputy at the scene said he did not know anything about the accident and would not confirm that the vehicle was traveling westbound on the highway even though the skid marks implied that. (By MARK R. RUMMEL, Times Herald)

Times Herald • January 22, 2010

A camper being pulled by a sport utility vehicle came off the hitch and flipped on Interstate 69 this morning.

The accident happened at about 8:40 a.m. St. Clair County Sheriff Deputy Steve Campau said there were no injuries.

A St. Clair County sheriff deputy at the scene wouldn’t provide information to a Times Herald photographer.

But the photographer said the vehicle appeared to be heading westbound on the highway and had Ontario plates.

Golf clubs and other stuff from the truck and trailer littered the scene.

Also, I'm not the smartest person in St.Clair County, but I think that is a pickup, noy an SUV. I'll look at the pic again to make sure.
1/22/2010 4:36:43 PM

According to scanner traffic would have actually been better then this report! LOL

Replying to flowerchild61:
"Campau said the camper flipped at the scene,"

Well where else would it have flipped?

You've got that thinking cap on this morning!
1/22/2010 2:25:32 PM

hey if the back end of the truck was propped up by the trailer, how could it have come lose from the truck? cause if it did the truck would not have been connected to the trailer.
1/22/2010 1:51:26 PM

Washington Couple Injured in Rollover Accident Towing Trailer

By Kirk Bernard, Esq. (all)

A Washington couple was injured in an auto accident after their pickup truck and trailer rolled over on the Interstate 82 near Prosser, Washington. According to a news report in the Yakima Herald-Republic, a 64-year-old man was driving a 2002 Ford pickup towing a 37-foot trailer. He lost control of the vehicle rolling both the pickup and the trailer on the inside shoulder of the highway. The man and his wife both suffered injuries and were taken to the hospital, but it is not clear whether they sustained serious injuries. Both were wearing seatbelts. Washington State Patrol officials say the driver's inattention may have caused or contributed to this accident as well.

In any rollover auto accident, it is also important to look into whether an auto product defect, design defect or mechanical malfunction may have caused or in any way contributed to the accident. The auto maker or the manufacturer of the defective product could be held liable for the injuries and damages, if so. If a vehicle defect is suspected in an auto accident, it is important to preserve the vehicle so it can be examined carefully for product defects, malfunctions or other evidence. Experienced Seattle personal injury attorneys will almost always suggest that, if possible, photos are taken of the accident in order to document the scene.

Full post as published by Seattle Injury Blog on January 22, 2010 (boomark / email).

Truck overturns on I-75 in Alachua Towing Trailer

Truck overturns on I-75 in Alachua

ALACHUA – One person was seriously injured in Alachua on Interstate 75 when a vehicle pulling an enclosed trailer overturned Wednesday, Jan. 13.

Valdosta Buckhanon of Hardaway, Ga. was traveling north on I-75 in the outside lane, pulling a 26-foot enclosed trailer. When a tractor-trailer passed in the center lane, the draft from the tractor-trailer caused Buckhanon’s 1997 Chevy pick-up to fishtail.

Buckhanon traveled onto the east shoulder, and his truck overturned.

Buckhanon suffered no injuries but his passenger, Charles English of Pensacola, Fla., suffered serious injuries and was taken to the North Florida Regional Medical Center.

more regulation is needed wrote on Jan 22, 2010 5:53 PM:

" It has nothing to do with the traffic at the interchange but its due to the excessive speed of these 18 wheelers that think they own the road. I cant tell you how many times one of these monsters have tailgated me to make me speed up when I am going the speed limit and how many times they have cut me off trying to pass other vehicles. Agreed something needs to be done but an interchange won't solve that problem. More tickets will. They must give cars more respect. "

where is the DOT wrote on Jan 22, 2010 4:49 PM:

" how many accidents/deaths before the department of transportation comes in- requires the city to put in the interchange for all this truck traffic? we are always reading accident reports involving truck traffic, we have several deaths, yet we are still in the cave when it comes to road improvements to handle all this traffic. How many people have to lose their lives before the DOT requires a cap on all the distribution truck traffic? Where's the Interchange to be constructed to handle all these semi's ? graded D during dollar general review - before Wal-mart & Sysco. no you adding Super Wal-mart (180,000,00 sq.ft) development that's coming..... not to mention the recently approved Waco 999 homes? "

Accident on I-75 leads to additional wrecks..Caused By Loose Trailer

Accident on I-75 leads to additional wrecks


WARNER ROBINS — Traffic was snarled along Interstate 75 North near the Peach and Houston county line after a series of accidents late Wednesday and early Thursday, the Georgia State Patrol said.

Two minor wrecks Thursday morning near Ga. 96 were related to wrecks the night before at mile marker 141 in Peach County. Cleanup was still in progress for most of the morning. The incidents and rainy weather caused a traffic backup, with the vehicles in the minor wrecks coming up too quickly on slowed traffic, the patrol said.

Wednesday night, the driver of a pickup with a trailer pulled over after the trailer came loose. But the trailer was not all the way off the road, trooper Justin Tabor said.

A tractor-trailer, with vehicles in the other two lanes next to it, had nowhere to go and struck the trailer, Tabor said. The tractor-trailer also struck a second tractor-trailer before turning over. The tractor-trailer that turned over split open, spilling plastic pallets. The cleanup from the 9 p.m. wreck closed two northbound lanes overnight and into Thursday morning.

James Magliette, 56, of Van Buren, Ark., the driver of the tractor-trailer that overturned, was transported to the Houston Medical Center, where he was treated for broken or cracked ribs, Tabor said.

Grady Woodliff, 55, of Blairsville, was determined to be at fault in connection with the Wednesday night wreck of the tractor-trailer and charges are pending, Tabor said. Woodliff was the driver of the pickup that was pulling the trailer.

To contact writer Becky Purser, call 256-9559.

2 hurt, trailer hits car..Loose Trailer Hit and Run

Police make arrest sometime after midnight

The Post and Courier
Originally published 12:00 a.m., January 13, 2010
Updated 11:01 a.m., January 13, 2010

The Charleston County Sheriff's office has arrested and charged a Hollywood man in connection with a bizarre hit and run wreck that injured two women Tuesday.

Ray Ray Gates, who turned 21 yesterday and lives on Chaplains Landing Road, is charged with two counts of leaving the scene of an accident involving serious bodily injury.

At a bond hearing for Gates this morning, a magistrate set bail at $100,000.

Gates apologized in court, calling the incident an accident.

"I left. I was nervous. Had I known what I know now, I would have stopped," he said.

Gates, who recently moved to the area from Buffalo, N.Y., said he works two jobs.

The wreck occurred about 10:45 a.m. near Hughes Road in West Ashley when a triple-axle utility trailer somehow detached from the hitch of an SUV that was traveling south.

The trailer traveled across the median and struck a van and a car that were traveling north, said sheriff's Maj. John Clark, public information officer.

Two women who were in the car were taken by Charleston County EMS to Medical University Hospital with serious injuries, Clark said. One of the victims is 89-years-old and the other is in her early 60s. Both remain in the hospital.

One of the women had to be extricated from the car; no one from the van was hurt.

Gates stopped briefly, backed up until he could turn around in the median and fled from the scene heading north and leaving the trailer, said Maj. John Clark of the Sheriff's office.

Reach David W. MacDougall at or 937-5655. Reach Andy Paras at or 937-5589.

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User Image
ronmelancon wrote:
Please...Please go to Time and time again it is the total disregard for Utility Trailer Safety or any standards that have created this.

Please see the "Story Of Dangerous Trailers" and then see the 6 year old girl that died from a homemade trailer... Look at the trailer is it roadworthy...then everybody as yourself this...

Here's a little project for you. The next time you're out and about take notice of the countless numbers of trailers being hauled daily on our roadways. Look closely and you'll see that many are improperly attached to the tow vehicle, don't have working lights, safety chains and are unacceptably maintained. Then ask yourself, why am I riding behind or next to this person trying to kill or injury me or my family?

and see this recent News coverage..

1/19/2010 6:30 AM EST on Post and Courier
User Image
mrscvs wrote:
You knew exactly what happen that is why you ran, and for that, I call you a COWARD!
I do pray that the innocent ladies will make it thru this horrible accident.

Also what is up with the no comments on the Janitor and his sick love letter for a child???
Man oh man did I had something really witty to say about this POS!!!
Oh well next time I guess!!!
1/13/2010 1:48 PM EST on Post and Courier
User Image
follytime wrote:
Gates apologized in court. Sounds to me like the apology was an "I'm sorry I got caught"
1/13/2010 12:58 PM EST on Post and Courier
User Image
harpo wrote:
Yes, they're censoring our comments by being selective in which stories can be commented on and I can only think that it's a very biased employee of the paper who's making the decisions .. to try to 'even out' the paper's liberal flavor. It's cowardly and political and that employee is basically a shill. If I worked there and knew who's doing it, I'd sneak in a replacement desk nametag that reads "(Name), Political Shill" and place it on his/her desk.
1/13/2010 11:34 AM EST on Post and Courier
User Image
theharold wrote:
The P&C's position on not allowing comments really hit a new politically correct low yesterday when they terminated the posting on the janitor's story. Hey P&C, we're still going to feel the same way about issues whether you censor or not. What happened to the "Serena Wms. story" in the forum yesterday? Get some passionate posts? This isn't the Guestbook for an obituary page; let us decide if we choose to add our opinions and the great monitor of the site can work his magical digit.
1/13/2010 9:58 AM EST on Post and Courier
User Image
theronce wrote:
Whoever drove it probably will have to explain to others what happened to his trailer. Those others may have seen this story and either force him to turn himself in or do it for him. He'll regret fleeing the scene unless he was up to something more illegal at the time.
1/13/2010 9:24 AM EST on Post and Courier
User Image
tlg87 wrote:
I dont even think a 4 Runner should be towing a trailer that large...

And it would be nice if they actually gave the correct description of the vehicle. *eye roll* Good thing there's a picture.
1/13/2010 8:36 AM EST on Post and Courier
User Image
dave3719 wrote:
ITS A TOYOTA 4RUNNER! Year could be from 1996-2002.
1/13/2010 8:13 AM EST on Post and Courier
User Image
early wrote:
The guy is in a worl of shyt. He knew he seriously injured folks and fled. I say shoot the SOB when you find him
1/13/2010 7:48 AM EST on Post and Courier
User Image
lawkat wrote:
I think that sometimes we can't comment on certain articles because they are from other news websites. That may not always be the case, but I have noticed that before.
1/13/2010 7:45 AM EST on Post and Courier
User Image
starcar wrote:
The P&C just wants us to be politically correct and not offend anyone with our comments...
1/13/2010 7:45 AM EST on Post and Courier
User Image
letstakeawalk wrote:
Bulldogtic is correct.

The Police should be on the look out for a Toyota 4-Runner.
1/13/2010 7:39 AM EST on Post and Courier
User Image
oldglory wrote:
Yes, harpo, with P&C's usual prescience, they've prevented our comments in certain aricles yet again. I shall never believe that any newspaper is smart in doing that, because it tells readers that the newspaper has no veracity. There is someone sitting there redacting everything we are allowed to read. Not good.
1/13/2010 7:36 AM EST on Post and Courier
User Image
bulldogtlc wrote:
The vehicle in the photograph is obviously a Toyota 4-Runner, not a Rav4.
1/13/2010 7:25 AM EST on Post and Courier
User Image
harpo wrote:
"Witnesses told deputies the driver was a male, but a further description was unavailable."

Bull. The witnesses told more but a further description of the driver is undesirable for political reasons.

Tracing a triple axle trailer shouldn't be too hard to do; not very common.

About 30% of these news stories no longer solicit comments; have you noticed? They can't take the heat.
1/13/2010 12:51 AM EST on Post and Courier

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