Saturday, May 7, 2011

LOOSE TRAILER!! A trailer rolled out onto Route 140


ALL THIS DESTRUCTION CAUSED BY A LOOSE TRAILER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

No Injuries Reported After Accident on Route 140

A trailer rolled out onto Route 140 causing a truck to swerve and hit a light pole.

Shrewsbury Police, Fire, and EMS responded to a rollover accident on Route 140, just north of Route 20 where a six-wheel box truck struck a utility pole, snapping it into three pieces, and rolled over on it side.

Dale S Urbank, 45, of 4A Fletcher Street, Plainville, was driving a 2011 Ford pickup, towing a 2004 utility trailer loaded with granite in the industrial complex at 167 Memorial Drive. As he approached the exit of the complex, the trailer he was towing became detached from the truck, and rolled out of control out onto Route 140. The trailer crossed over the northbound lane, and into the path of a 2001 Chevrolet box truck heading south, being operated by Dionicio A Nunez, 44, of 22 Jennings St., #2, of Worcester.

Mr. Nunez swerved to avoid the trailer and stuck a utility pole, causing it to snap it into three pieces. The vehicle continued to spin, and roll onto its side, spilling its contents onto the road and adjacent shoulder. Neither Mr. Nunez or his passenger reported any injury.

The cables attached to the utility pole, which feed the industrial complex and two large cell towers, came down across both lanes of Route 140 forcing police to close the road to all traffic. Several officers were needed to re-route traffic from busy Route 140 onto Routes 9, 20 and other adjacent side streets.

The Shrewsbury Board of Health was summoned to the scene by police to inspect the spilled contents from the truck, which consisted mostly of grocery dry goods. Shrewsbury Board of Health agent Robert Moore declared the load spoiled and ordered it to be discarded.

A dumpster was dispatched to the scene and was loaded with the items by crews from Lovey’s towing & recovery of Shrewsbury.

Crews from Shrewsbury Electric Light & Cable and Verizon were both on scene soon after the incident to remove and replace the snapped pole and wires.

The box truck and the trailer were removed and impounded by police pending further investigation.

Route 140 remained closed for close to four hours while police and work crews investigated and cleared the scene.

The accident is under investigation by Officer Richard Fiske, of the Shrewsbury Police Traffic Unit.

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